Crude Oil
One of the most sought-after liquid fuel sources which is located underground and is extracted through drilling. Crude oil is available in various grades and based on its grade and chemical specification is used for different applications like: transportation, power generation, heating and manufacturing. It is also refined into various petroleum products and continues to remain a critical fuel source for the prosperity and progress of industries.
Fuel Oil
Fuel oil, a yellowish to light brown liquid mixture produced from crude petroleum which is also called furnace oil. It is the least volatile and heaviest of the commercially used fuels and is used for a wide variety of purposes from home heating to fuelling trucks, producing steam for industrial application and lighting up furnaces.
Gas Oil
Also known as red diesel, Gas Oil is commercial fuel which is highly demanded in various industry sectors such as construction, agriculture and marine. It is commonly used for purposes such as powering generators, machineries and off-road vehicles like those used for construction and agricultural activities.
Gasoline is a by-product of crude oil distillation which has a wide range of applications in different industry sectors. Gasoline is mostly used as a fuel for automobiles and the majority of light-duty vehicles. Given that, a great part of demand for this petroleum product comes from the transportation sector.
Naphtha refers to a range of volatile and flammable liquids produced by the distillation of petroleum. This flammable liquid is mainly used as crude oil diluter, metal cleaner, fuel, and etc. Naphtha is also a base material for the manufacturing of plastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene in addition to the production of high-grade gasoline and olefins in the petrochemical industry.
Due to its clean, efficient and safe properties, liquefied petroleum gas is a crucial petroleum product which has several industrial and commercial applications. It also plays a key role as a fuel source in the domestic sector as it is used for different purposes such as heating homes, stoves, ovens and etc.
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