Arina Trading Limited is an oil and petroleum trading company based in Hong Kong. A team of experienced professionals from the oil and gas industry got together and incorporated their knowledge, expertise and networks to establish a novel trading firm which intends to renovate the international trade structure by providing novel ideas and proposing innovative solutions. In light of that, Arina aims to provide its clients with a comprehensive array of trading and logistics services, capable of meeting their complicated and multi-layered needs and requirements. We aspire to be the business partner of choice for our customers and be recognized for our trustworthiness, competency and quality services.

We endeavor to stand out among our competitors by constantly improving our competencies and enriching our service portfolio. This includes:
• Dedicated team of experts
• Reliable sources of supply
• Product blending and custom specification
• A well-distributed network of storage facilities and terminals
• Diversified fleet of vessels for cost-efficient and timely delivery
• Dynamic product portfolio
• Wide network along the supply chain

Arina intends to contribute to development and prosperity of the global oil and gas industry by connecting different participants of its supply chain with a responsible, sustainable and agile business approach. As an oil and petroleum trading firm, we work closely with major players of the energy market, acting as reliable link between producers, refineries, shipping companies, storage facilities, end- consumers and other involved parties.


To renovate the international trade structure of the global energy industry.

We have been in the business of oil and petroleum trading for long, we have seen how it has evolved and changed over the past decades. The speed of change has even increased further over the past couple of years which calls for initiating a radical transformation within the industry. In light of that, at Arina Trading we want to play a leading role in renovating the international trade structure. We intend to develop fresh, sustainable and innovative methods, practices and solutions which are capable of meeting the challenges and requirements of the future of the energy industry.


To be a reliable and reputable trade link across the entire energy supply chain.

We work with a wide spectrum of businesses and companies across the oil and petroleum supply chain. This includes; producers, petrochemical refineries, ports and terminals, end-consumers, traders and shipping service providers. On the other hand, the very nature of the trading business is still heavily dependent on the reputation and professional background of the involved parties. Thus, as an oil and petroleum trading firm, the top priority and major commitment of our group is to be a fully-reliable, accountable and competent business companion for our clients and partners. We aspire to build a strong reputation by which we can win the trust of stakeholders.
Address: Room 510, 51F Wayson Commercial Building, 28 Connaught Road West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong